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Select this link to go to our  team store at  then select your player's name. If you do not see your player’s name or if the jersey number does not match your number posted in TeamSnap,  contact

Any problems with your order should be directed to the customer service line:   800-967-8326

For sizing tips refer to this sizing guide

Players are expected to wear wear their grey practice shirts to every practice.  If you cannot find your shirt, wear a grey shirt. Extras can be ordered at

Required items are the blue jersey, white jersey, blue shorts, socks and training shirt. 

Also recommended but not required is a bag, extra training shirt, warm-up jacket and spirit wear for the family! Bags will be embroidered with the player’s last name. Getting 2-3 pairs of socks to cover you at tournaments is a good idea as well.

Players who primarily play goalie should purchase their own set of gloves and their own jersey. Goalies who need financial assistance with the additional expense, should complete this form by July 29th

Home vs. Away jerseys:

Our default jersey color is blue regardless if game is home or away. Wear your blue jersey to the game and always keep your white jersey in your bag. If the opposing team’s color is also blue, change to white per league rules:

MYSL: away team changes

MSPSP: home team changes

Players must wear shinguards and soccer cleats (no metal) of any style they choose. Cleats or turf shoes may be worn for indoor.

Every player should bring his/her own ball and water bottle to practice and games. Name and phone number should be marked in Sharpie on both of these items. Check occasionally to see if the sharpie is worn off to avoid conflicts regarding ball ownership.